Information and how to make a submission

Who are we?
I am Mirabel Pelton, a researcher at Coventry University.  I am supervised by Dr Sarah Cassidy (MH Autism group) and by Dr Kim Bul (Coventry University).  I do research in partnership with autistic people to make sure that autistic and non-autistic people live longer, happier and healthier lives.  
What is this project about? 
We want to know what belonging and social connections mean to different people.  This will help us develop our research.  This could help us understand and help people have better mental health and wellbeing.  
What do I have to do? 
We invite you to submit a short statement, poem, drawing, painting, photo, music or creative writing.  This should describe what belonging means to you.  There are no right or wrong answers.  You can say what is important to you in any way you like. 
Who do I send my piece to? 
You can email a photo of your artwork with a description to .  You can complete a short postcard and post it in the box.  You can email the postcard text to .  
Is there anything I can't do? 
We want to make sure that your submission is private.  Please do not give your name or other people's names or use pictures where we can recognise people.  We want to be positive!  We won't be able to accept anything that might make other people feel unsafe.  
What will happen next? 
We will use the submissions to think about next steps in our research.  We will display the submissions in Coventry library when possible.  We will encourage people to see and talk about the display.  We will show the submissions on our website and social media channels.  This will help us reach a lot of different people.  It will help make sure that we make a real difference.  You will not be identified in any of these.  
Your submission will be kept privately at Coventry University,  We will follow the law.  We will be careful that your submission is stored safely and securely.  
You can withdraw your submission at any point until the data is analysed.  If you want to withdraw your submission please send identifiable details of your submission (such as a mobile phone photo or a unique feature) to .  
Where can I get more information? 
For any questions at all please email Mirabel, follow me on Twitter @MiraPel1 .  We want this to be a positive experience for you.  If you have any complaints please contact Mirabel or you can contact Dr Kim Bul or Professor Richard Aspinall.  
We hope you enjoy taking part in this Coventry City of Culture project!
For more information on how Coventry University stores your data visit