About us …

My research aims to understand how autistic people experience social belonging and connections, and how these may protect against mental health problems and thoughts of ending life. I work within the MH Autism group led by Dr Sarah Cassidy. My supervisory team also consist of Professor Jacqui Rodgers, University of Newcastle, Dr Ashley Robertson, University of Glasgow, Dr Hayley Crawford, University of Warwick and Dr Kim Bul, Coventry University. We have collaborated with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Autism Research Centre, University of Cambridge in our recent publications.

In 2020 I was awarded the prestigious PsyPAG Rising Researcher Award. Read about it here.

Here are my academic publications:

Click here to read a blog that I wrote for World Suicide Prevention Day 2019.

I also collaborate with Dr Katie Chisholm at Aston University to understand the overlap between autism and psychotic spectrum disorders: